Monday, October 20, 2014


So,I've been dating a new guy for a couple months,and it is awesome so far.We do spend a lot of time together,and he is a giant sweetheart,even though I'm his 1st girlfriend.A couple of his friends wanted us to date.I also realized I didn't want to get back together with my ex,and he got trolled.So far,all my friends seem to like him better.We seemed to connect right away.It was hilarious,as immature as it may be.Also learning new areas at work.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Weekend,Work

This weekend was fun,even though I've been working 5,and 6 day weeks the last 2 months.I went to a lake,and did swimming,and went on a boat.Got to see people I haven't seen for awhile.We shot a music video as well.Also went to main street,and did a little bar hopping.Overall,I had a good weekend for the first time in awhile.

Sunday, March 9, 2014


Lately it seems like I don't see many friends.Haven't really seen anyone over the last month.It's getting old seeing 1 person all the time.Everyone's just been too busy,and/or hanging out with other people.I've tried to get into the fire academy again,and failed.

Sunday, October 6, 2013


So,this Halloween I may actually go to a couple haunted houses for the 1st time since 1 closed down in high school,and hopefully go to a couple parties too.I may visit a friend at college for a day trip.A couple new malls opened up,and they're kinda fun,but I do want to see a pumpkin farm that's nearby 1 of them.I'm still trying to get into the fire academy.Hopefully I do soon to either fire academy.In 1 of the new malls,I can't wait till Juicy Couture opens up.Though I do finally have a job for the last month,and a half or so,so I'm at least able to buy things,and save up,and started going to the gym over the summer.I am sad Dexter ended recently,and Chicago Fire started it's 2nd season.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day

It's Earth Day!Today,try doing something good for the Earth(if you're not doing something already wether it's Earth day or not) like riding your bike to work,carpooling,planting something or recycling.Try spending some time outside today too.

Thursday, February 21, 2013


Today we had a giant winter storm,and it's been snowing,and sleeting all day.Everything basically closed,and the snow plows didn't go through until it was already several inches deep.I heard a highway got shut down completly.The roads were probably covered with 3-4 inches by the time the plows plowed,and it was hard to drive around the circle near my house.The speedometer said i was going 40-50,but I was truly only going maybe 10-20 mph.Just going around 1 corner  to get to the driveway since I was already there,I was sliding,and spinning the wheels at 50,and basically was able to slide into the driveway,and it was difficult to get over the hump.We're still getting stuff,and it's probably around 5 1/2 inches deep by now.At least the river will get filled up.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Why I Hate Walmart

     Why do I Walmart do you ask?Several reasons.1 reason is,they're not always the cheapest.They have really cheap products,and you may end up spending even more $ there because the product is either defective,breaks in the first few days or weeks,or is missing things.Their fresh produce is also really old.Also,you get some of the weirdest people shopping there or the most redneck people or those that aren't too bright(not saying everyone that shops there is that,just saying many are).Alot of the employees aren't too competent or lazy employees or accuse people of stealing just because they can.Alot of times they won't honor ad match,and they have issues with returns because "you damaged it" or some other bs or charge you with different amounts for the same product because "the packaging is different."
     They actually kill many local shops,and actually do drive down wages,and retail by several billion dollars.The Walton family is one of the richest families in the world,and after Sam Walton died,they all got at least $18 billion(yes,billion) EACH.Who the hell needs that much money?Bill Gates has donated about 58% of his wealth to charity,and how much have the Waltons donated to charity?Less than 1%.Everything in the store is made in China.Their factories in China,the workers have to live in the factory dorms,pay rent for it,and for utilities.Even if they don't live there,they still have to pay rent for there,though they don't have to pay for utilities,plus rent for the apartment they actually live in.They actually promote people to use welfare because their insurance plan is too expensive for most emplyees to pay for.
     They also have discrimination problem.Almost nobody in management is either a woman or a minority.Plus,why do they have 30+ cash registers,but only 2 open at all times?They also bully their way into building new stores they don't need,and there are several empty Walmarts nobody can fill,and they cut corners or work through loopholes just to get what they want.They force people to work when they can't work or won't pay for injuries on the job,and when they're sued,and the employee wins,Walmart countersues,and wins so they don't have to pay,and they're ridiculously anti-union.The stores are always dirty,and the employees aren't very good or treat the customers terribly.Walmart also bullies the manufacturer by forcing them to sell their products in their stores for their rock bottom prices,and won't accept the manufacturers' prices. -Walmart:The High Cost of Low Prices Movie